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What is a chamber oven?

In chamber ovens, products or materials are heated in batches and exposed to the necessary temperature in an enclosed space. As a laboratory oven, this oven is particularly compact and corresponds to one of the simplest designs. It consists of stable furnace walls with a very good insulating effect and an opening for filling the furnace. The heat is usually supplied simultaneously by heating coils on several sides, resulting in a uniform temperature distribution inside the furnace.

Chamber kiln Applications

Chamber furnaces achieve temperatures of 300 C and up to 2200 C on average. For this reason they can be used in a wide range of applications. These include, for example, the production of glasses or materials for the solar industry, but also use in the metal and plastics processing industry as well as tool and fitting construction.

Due to its high temperatures, a chamber kiln is also particularly suitable for ceramics. In addition to material production, drying processes and material testing are also among the relevant areas of application for a chamber kiln.

Kiln types and design variants

Due to the large number of possible applications, chamber furnaces can differ in their design and function. Above all, different maximum temperatures as well as the form of storage and heating as well as the type of loading are relevant distinguishing features.

Maximum temperature

Depending on the application, different temperatures are necessary for the use of a chamber oven. The higher the maximum temperature, the higher the energy consumption and the more important it is that the laboratory furnace is optimally insulated.

For drying processes, low temperatures are sufficient, such as with the Nabertherm 450 C high-temperature drying oven. For sintering processes, temperatures of up to 1200 C are necessary, as achieved by the Nabertherm high-temperature furnace with fibre insulation.

Type of opening and loading

A chamber furnace can be loaded from the front or from the top. The chamber furnaces at can all be loaded from the front and differ mainly in the type of opening. This can be a revolving door, a lifting door or a hinged door. The design allows loading that is adapted to personal preferences.

Type of heating

Chamber ovens are usually heated from several sides. This ensures a uniform temperature distribution. Ceramic heating plates with built-in heating coils can be used as heating plates. Thermconcept laboratory furnaces, such as the KLS 30/06/BIT laboratory chamber furnace, have horizontal air circulation in addition to heating from several sides.


The volume of chamber furnaces can vary greatly depending on the model. Depending on the application, it may be relevant to heat only a small volume. For larger components or simultaneous treatment of several articles, a larger volume is often advantageous.

In most cases, you can choose from different sizes for your preferred model. The Nabertherm compact preheating oven with hinged door is a rather small volume model with a capacity of up to 14 litres, while the Nabertherm high temperature drying oven (850 C) can reach a volume of up to 500 litres.


The dimensions of a chamber oven depend on the desired oven volume and the thickness of the insulation. Another aspect to be considered is the space available in the working area. If the available capacity is small, compact furnaces such as the Nabertherm preheating furnace with lift trough are suitable for installation on existing laboratory benches. Otherwise, we recommend a furnace with an integrated base, such as the Nabertherm Chamber Furnace with Stone Insulation.

Find a suitable model with the filter function

The intuitive filter system at makes choosing the right chamber oven easier than ever. By clicking on the desired features, such as the maximum temperature, the type of load and the oven volume, you can filter out the right models for you from the large number of offers.

You can then evaluate them in more detail and make your personal decision. If you have any questions or need support, our team of experts will be happy to help you.

Chamber Oven Manufacturer and Product Range on

On you can currently choose from the product portfolio of the two brand manufacturers Nabertherm and Thermconcept. Both chamber oven manufacturers specialise in industrial ovens and provide you with custom-fit solutions.


The furnace manufacturer from Bremen builds chamber furnaces with a high level of expertise and a great willingness to innovate. Through intensive interaction with numerous customers , the furnaces are custom-fit, practical and specifically tailored to customer requirements. Thus, with chamber stoves from Thermconcept, such as the Thermconcept chamber stove KC, you get the decisive economic and technical advantage.


With an industrial furnace from Nabertherm you are always on the safe side. For 70 years, Nabertherm has been producing chamber furnaces with innovative design and excellent quality at attractive prices. More than 150,000 satisfied customers worldwide demonstrate the successful company policy and the extensive product portfolio.

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If you would like to expand your laboratory or your business with a chamber furnace, we will be happy to help you with advice and practical support. Please contact us! Our trained team will provide you with expert advice to help you choose the right oven system and ensure you get the optimum unit for all your requirements. You can contact our team by phone on +49 30 209 657 900 or via email at [email protected]