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Preheating furnace in dental technology

Preheating furnaces are mainly used in dental technology, but they are also indispensable in the automotive industry. For example, a laboratory oven of this product category is used to bring certain nonwoven moulded parts up to temperature before they are fed into the cold press. This serves to reduce the dwell time in heating presses and to work more energy-efficiently.

Preheating furnaces are indispensable in dental technology. They are used for the controlled burning out of so-called investment materials for model casting prostheses, but also for the processing of moulds. They are also relevant for testing materials in dental laboratories. In addition, prewrmfen are used in the manufacture of various materials. They are also used in the construction of fittings, tools and apparatus.

Structure of a preheating furnace

Without pre-heating, very little is possible in dental technology. What is important is the perfect functionality and the efficient, precise operation of such a furnace. Basically, preheaters consist of a combustion chamber, a chimney pipe, a waste water hose and an exhaust. Depending on the model, maximum temperatures of around 1,200 degrees Celsius are possible. A 4-zone heating system ensures that the material to be burnt is heated evenly from all sides.

Thanks to a special ceramic fibre insulation, rapid temperature increases are possible with comparatively low energy consumption. In the course of the firing process, the model is placed in the heat-resistant inner container, the muffle. This is designed to protect the model casting from direct exposure to heat, ensuring gentle heating and burnout.

Safety regulations for the preheating furnace in the dental laboratory

Regardless of whether they are used in the medical field or in industry, prewarming furnaces may only be used in the laboratory if they comply with certain regulations. Among other things, the environmental conditions according to DIN EN 61010-1 must be observed. The standard defines the safety regulations for all electrical control, measuring and laboratory equipment and therefore also applies to the preheating oven in dental technology.

Further guidelines

With regard to electrical laboratory equipment, the DIN standard specifies which safety regulations apply when measuring, indicating, controlling or examining substances or samples. The preparation of materials and substances for the prewrming oven in the dental laboratory is also precisely defined in the guideline.

Not only must DIN EN 61010-1 be taken into account, but also the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, since a prewrm oven is a piece of laboratory equipment that requires electrical energy. The following directives also apply:


This standard determines the conformity of medical devices. It ensures that certain conformity procedures are taken into account during manufacture.


This standard applies as a directive for laboratory equipment and for preparatory apparatus for in-vitro diagnostics.


This directive applies to laboratory equipment equipped with communication interfaces, such as WLAN transmitting and receiving devices.

Prewrmfen in the MedSolut range

Discover the high quality range of Vorwrmfen in the MedSolut online catalogue and get an idea of the outstanding product quality. We carry the following models, among others:

Preheating oven with folding door

The innovative pre-heaters with folding door are safe, highly functional and work absolutely reliably. The hinged door is easy to open and close. It is leak-proof all around and can be used as a shelf for labware or other items if required.

Preheating oven with lifting door

The preheating ovens with built-in lifting door give you an extra measure of safety and flexibility. The hot side is always turned away from the user, so that the risk of accident or injury when inserting or removing the material to be fired is reduced to a minimum. The adjustable air supply opening in the tr also offers you maximum comfort when handling the kiln.

Preheating stove with stone insulation

The preheating furnaces with stone insulation are the ideal solution for your daily laboratory routine if you attach great importance to quality and functionality. The ceramic heating plates with integrated heating wire are absolutely robust and durable. Heating from both sides is easily possible with such a furnace.

Nabertherm our manufacturer for high-quality burnout furnaces

The company Nabertherm is one of the leading brand manufacturers we trust. Since Conrad Naber founded the family business in 1947, it has continued to develop.

To this day, it has advanced to become an internationally renowned company whose products and innovations have always impressed with their excellently thought-out design and high quality. The furnaces and heat treatment systems from Nabertherm are designed for a wide range of industries and are supplied all over the world.

Advantages of the Nabertherm preheaters from the MedSolut range:

  • Exhaust air opening in the rear wall of the oven
  • Low-noise operation
  • Heating from several sides possible, thanks to ceramic heating plates which are easily exchangeable
  • Adjustable vent on the side
  • High-quality insulation made of non-classified, durable fibre material

MedSolut Your contact for questions and concerns

Contact the friendly competence team at MedSolut at any time with all your questions about prewrmers. We are available around the clock for all your concerns and are always at your disposal to help you choose the right laboratory equipment. In our clearly structured online catalogue you will find first-class pre-tests from renowned manufacturers.

Find the optimal preheating furnace for your laboratory at MedSolut.

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