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Incubators are used in a wide variety of applications. They are warming devices which are used, for example, to incubate living creatures. They are also indispensable in other areas:

  • In biotechnology, they are used for the development of cell and tissue structures.
  • They are used to provide a protected space for prematurely born babies.
  • In general, they are an important basis for carrying out a wide variety of experiments.

Schttel incubators are characterised by their particular robustness and represent an essential aid in the cultivation of microorganisms and cells, among other things. Whether for microbial, animal, plant or human cell cultures, they are also excellently suited for the realisation of long-term development and growth projects as well as for tissue sample extraction.

MedSolut expert tip:

Depending on the device, experiments can be carried out at up to 80 degrees Celsius, if necessary. In contrast to classical incubators, the base plate of a Schttelin incubator is movable. This has the advantage, for example, of preventing the formation of a creamy layer on the samples to be cultivated.
Take advantage of the professional advice of our competence team. Together with you, we will find the perfect incubator for your laboratory, institute or company.

Areas of application for cell incubators

Unlike a classic incubator, such as an incubator, a Schttelin incubator has a movable base plate. Its movements can be adjusted as needed, so that a reliably continuous and even shaking mechanism takes place.

The shuttle incubators from the MedSolut portfolio are from renowned brand manufacturers and are characterised by their innovative design and high reliability. They are equipped with the latest microprocessor technology and are relevant in a wide variety of fields.

The areas of application

  • Development and cultivation of microbial cell cultures
  • Tests and experiments with animal cell structures
  • Extraction of tissue samples
  • Cultivationof plant segments
  • Preparation processes of various kinds
  • Incubation of biological fluids
  • Conducting tests and cultivation and development of human cell tissue

In contrast to classical incubators, the samples and cultures are continuously mixed in the Schttelin incubator. The shaking frequency can be individually adjusted depending on the type of cultures. In this way, cell growth is supported as needed.

Under certain conditions, this can even result in shortened experiment times. In general, the continuous, uniform flow can stimulate various processes in the corresponding organisms.

Structure of a Schttel incubator

A Schttel incubator is a compact table-top or stand-alone device with a modular design. At you can also find high-performance shaking chests and microtitre plate shaking incubators.

All units in the MedSolut catalogue feature a shatterproof glass interior, microprocessor thermal controller, heating segment and digital tachometer. In addition, a timer, a drive feature and a chemical-resistant base plate are integrated in the lower section.

The thermal controller

The microprocessor thermal controller ensures continuous temperature monitoring inside the incubator. Both the preset and the current data and values can be read on the display of the device.

The heating element

The heating element ensures a constant air circulation in the glass chamber and also guarantees an even heat distribution.

Digital tachometer

The digital tachometer controls the maintenance of even shaking movements through the base plate inside the unit.

The timer

Based on the sample or cell weight and in conjunction with the digital tachometer, the shaking process is monitored independently of the temperature inside the incubator.

Applications of shaking incubators

Whether it is for the cultivation, extraction, preparation or incubation of organisms, cell structures, bacteria, etc., the applications of’s shaking incubators are numerous:

Stem Cell Cultivations

The cultivation of stem cells usually takes a long time. Special environmental conditions are usually required, for example the CO2 content, oxygen content, humidity, etc. Here, orbitally shrouded incubators are advantageous because they have a low power input and thus exert only a very slight mechanical influence on the cultures.


When it comes to the cultivation of microorganisms in the field of cytochemistry, it is necessary to thawspecific solutions evenly and gently in order to be able to process them. The focus here is on protein and enzyme solutions, among others.


The processing, development and monitoring of human, animal and plant cell cultures requires a comparatively high oxygen supply. Therefore, it is important to preset higher movement frequencies and humidity regulation. In this way, the formation of cultivation fluids can also be curbed. In this way you will achieve precise results.


In biochemistry, instruments that allow automated biomass monitoring are important. This is particularly important when certain cultures must not be removed from the interior prematurely. With the help of special sensor technologies, the biomass concentration can be recorded and successively monitored. This makes it possible to generate precise microbial growth kinetics.

Molecular biology

In molecular biology, stackable shuttle incubators equipped with an integrated orbital shuttle are advantageous. Depending on the project, small-area or single- or multiple-shelf incubators are available. We are also happy to advise you on the temperature control systems required, so that you can find the incubator perfectly suited to your molecular biology projects at

Features of the Schttel incubators at medsolut

We offer a select range of incubators for laboratories, institutes and companies. Take advantage of our professional advice and discover the well-designed features of the devices that are best suited to your industry:

  • Low power consumption

Depending on the project, incubators are often in continuous operation for several days or weeks. That’s why we’ll be happy to show you the units that stand out for their particularly low energy consumption.

  • Temperature display and temperature setting via modern LED display

Bacteria, cell tissue or biological fluids are highly sensitive substances that must be exposed to a uniform, continuous interior temperature. The preset and current temperatures of high-quality incubators can be read on a modern, generously designed LED display. For maximum user comfort.

  • handy lockable

Handy, easy-to-operate door locks make it easier to handle the stored cultures. The insertion and removal of cultures is also easier and safer with an appropriately equipped incubator.

  • low maintenance

As functional and complex as modern incubators from our range are, it is also important that they are low-maintenance and easy to handle. This means you benefit from optimum comfort and maximum efficiency. We will be happy to advise you in this regard.

  • Tachometer

With the help of an included digital tachometer, the belt frequencies can be monitored precisely. An aspect that is of elementary importance, especially for highly sensitive crops.

  • heating elements

The built-in heating elements emit uniformly warm, barely measurable air currents. They are also characterised by the fact that the generated temperature remains constant.

Schttel incubators from witeg and BioSan

In our shop, you will only find incubators from well-known brand manufacturers. In this context, we would especially like to recommend the high-quality incubators from BioSan and witeg:


Since the internationally renowned company BioSan was founded in the heart of Latvia, the focus has been on the development of modern products for sample preparation in the fields of proteonics, cell research and genomics.

The outstanding BioSan technologies convince with their remarkable functionality and also impress with their long-lasting value. In many respects, BioSan instruments stand out from the competition.


Schttel incubators, glass measuring devices and liquid handling products of the witeg brand are officially certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The company was founded in 1960 and today supplies laboratory and corporate customers in over 100 countries. Since its inception, witeg’s innovations have met the highest international quality standards and continue to set new benchmarks.

Shaft incubators for your laboratory needs at MedSolut

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