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How does an aluminium hotplate work?

The functionality of a heating plate for the laboratory is fundamentally simple and at the same time very effective. Depending on the model, they cover temperature ranges of up to 500 degrees Celsius. The sensors that are used to detect or control the temperature can be implemented both in and on the plate. This enables aluminium hotplates to heat up quickly and evenly.

The high functionality of modern aluminium heating panels speaks for itself: thanks to innovative technologies, the limit temperature can be individually monitored and, if necessary, even precisely controlled with a separate sensor. Just as required for the individual medium. In this way, the aluminium heating plate heats parts of the most varied types to ensure higher efficiency or to shorten storage times.

Talk to our friendly team of experts and let us convince you of the remarkable functionality of the heating panels with aluminium segment.

For what purposes are aluminium heating plates suitable?

Whenever you have the highest demands on precision and efficiency when it comes to temperature control in your daily laboratory or institute routine, you are excellently advised to use the powerful aluminium heating plates from our online portfolio.

Discover the advantages of an aluminium heating plate in the following areas, among others:

Building technology

In building technology, high pressure resistance as well as special impact and vibration resistance are required. If you need special aluminium heating plates with recesses, container types or drill holes, you will find them at MedSolut.

Even combinations with air and liquid channels for cooling can be implemented as required. At the same time, high operating temperatures can be generated. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are there for you if you need aluminium heating plates for the construction industry.

Wood and paper industry

Aluminium heating plates are ideally suited for use in the paper industry. When pressing in these industrial areas, a high pressure load must be ensured, which is tailored to the intended weights and volumes of the paper or wood products. You also benefit from a wide range of applications thanks to the special heating platen thickness.


In everyday laboratory work, it is often necessary to heat materials or samples at exact temperatures. Depending on the substance and the project objective, it may also be necessary to achieve desired temperatures, so that these have to be preset on the device. With our aluminium heating plates this is easily possible.

Chemistry and biology

In the food industry, but also in chemical companies, vessels must be heated gently. This is often not possible with conventional heaters. Therefore, choose aluminium heating panels from our online portfolio and benefit from the demand-oriented regulation options and the versatile functions.

Possible equipment and functions of the heating panels

We offer you selected brand-name aluminium hotplates that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Find out more about the numerous functions and equipment variants of the units directly from us:

Safety warning lamp

In everyday laboratory work, it is often essential to be able to set precise temperatures on the heating unit when tempering samples or specimens. Units with an included safety warning lamp emit light or audio signals if the preset heat level is exceeded.

Temperature control with LED display

Aluminium hotplates that have a temperature control with LED display enable even more precise handling. The LED display is easy to read, which ensures an improved assessment of the actual temperature .

Heating plates with high load capacity in special dimensions

Under certain conditions, heating panels must be extremely pressure-resistant as well as impact and vibration resistant . Especially in the building industry as well as in the wood and paper processing industry, the requirements are high.

With integral regulators

Aluminium hotplates with built-in integral control can be adjusted to any temperature. Thanks to the control unit, the heat output is measured over the entire surface of the plate. This ensures a more even surface temperature at every stage of the process.

Popular aluminium heating plates at MedSolut

The range at is extremely customer-oriented. Take a look at the most popular aluminium hotplates and get advice on the specific advantages if you wish.

Stepless temperature control

An aluminium hotplate with infinitely variable temperature control makes it possible to work even more efficiently with a wide variety of substances and samples in the laboratory. Thanks to its functionality, even the finest temperature differences can be individually and continuously adjusted.

Thermostatic control

An aluminium heating plate with thermostatic control is very well suited for continuous operation. The electric aluminium heating plate can be adjusted as desired so that the required temperature is maintained permanently. Of course, it is also possible to adjust the heat output as required.


Mobile aluminium heating plates as well as functional table-top units offer a special degree of flexibility in everyday laboratory and institute work. You can always position your table-top unit from the MedSolut online catalogue where you need it.

Separate control

If the temperature control is not located exclusively on the device, but the aluminium heating plate has a separate control, you can also regulate it remotely or have it operated by a member of staff. This gives you more freedom and flexibility in your work.

Aluminium heating panels from Harry Gestigkeit GmbH

The innovations of Harry Gestigkeit GmbH have always been synonymous with quality and excellent performance. The company has existed on the market since 1953 and is a specialist in the manufacture of high-precision laboratory heaters. Currently, more than 120 different types of heaters are exported worldwide.

The company’s goal was and still is to produce long-lasting aluminium heating plates with precise temperatures for continuous operation, using highly acid-resistant and almost distortion-free materials. We are also happy to implement customer wishes. We will be pleased to show you the numerous advantages that a Harry Gestigkeit aluminium hotplate can offer your laboratory, institute or company.

Order robust aluminium heating plates from MedSolut

Order your aluminium heating plate now in the MedSolut catalogue. Trust in the exquisite brand quality of the products and benefit from the professional consulting service. We look forward to hearing from you by telephone or sending an e-mail to [email protected] and will be happy to help you with all your laboratory equipment needs. What can we do for you?