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What is a desiccator?

This is the name given to a vessel or cabinet for the safe and protected storage or drying of sensitive substances, objects or components. It is a special form of drying cabinet. The object to be protected is placed in the device, the door or lid is tightly closed and the necessary storage conditions are set. In addition, a desiccant can be used to absorb the moisture of the material to be dried.

The areas of application cover very different branches of industry Examples are:

  • chemical and medical laboratories
  • the electrical industry
  • the tobacco industry
  • cultural institutions such as museums and galleries

Because of this range, there are very specific requirements for the conditions to be set. In addition to temperature, pressure and humidity, the exclusion of atmospheric oxygen, protection against chemical attack or the prevention of electrostatic charging also play an important role.

Types of desiccators at

Since the requirements that the equipment has to meet differ for different applications, desiccators exist with very different features. At you will find an extensive selection of various models with different application focus.

Vacuum desiccator

Oxygen and moisture-sensitive substances are ideally stored under vacuum conditions. In addition, the application of vacuum can significantly accelerate drying processes of moist substances.

The vacuum desiccators are equipped with special needle valves and an easy-to-read vacuum gauge. This enables controlled evacuation or gassing of the interior. This type of desiccator is particularly tight in order to keep the negative pressure inside stable over longer periods of time.

Antistatic desiccator

Antistatic desiccators can prevent electrostatic charges. They are therefore used, for example, to protect sensitive electronics such as circuit boards from environmental influences. The special desiccators are equipped with an earthing cable. This ensures that electrical voltages are efficiently discharged and the sensitive components inside are effectively protected.

Automatic desiccator

Automatic desiccators are ideal for storage over longer periods of time. The storage conditions can be adjusted and, for example, humidity and temperature can be kept constant. Changes in the storage conditions caused by opening the door are automatically compensated. This type of model is therefore suitable for all sensitive materials, from electronic components to valuable documents, photographic equipment or cultural artefacts.

Desiccator for gassing

If the objects to be stored have to be protected from possible chemical reactions with atmospheric oxygen or CO2, desiccators with a gassing function are the means of choice. This type of unit is equipped with a gas connection. The connection allows reaction gases to be introduced. These include nitrogen or noble gases such as argon. These displace the air inside the desiccator and thus protect reactive chemical substances.

Desiccators for drying/storage

Desiccators with drying agents such as silica gel are particularly suitable for the stable storage of moisture-sensitive substances or for removing moisture from them. In this way, the sensitive materials are optimally protected from environmental influences. These desiccators are particularly suitable for storing samples and reference materials, including tobacco leaves or DNA samples.

The experts at will be happy to help you choose the right device for your application – just contact us!

Design variants

In addition to the various equipment features, the size of the desiccators, their flexibility and their mobility also play a decisive role in practical use. For this reason, we present devices with different dimensions as well as a different focus in terms of transportability and functionality.

Desiccator wall

A desiccator wall, which consists of several independent chambers, is ideal for large spaces and high functionality. This solution is particularly suitable when a large number of objects with different requirements are to be stored or dried, but should not interact with each other. At you will find, for example, the SICCO Auto-Desiccator Wall from Bohlender.

Mobile desiccator with wheels

Mobile desiccators have stable castors, so they can be easily transported from room to room. This flexible design variant is available in different dimensions to meet the various sizes of the objects to be stored. Height and width can be chosen flexibly in most cases. One example at is the SICCO Super-Maxi 2 Desiccator.

Small, portable desiccator

Desiccators in a practical small format are to be preferred when transportability is an important criterion. Due to their low weight and compact size, these models are particularly handy. They are perfect for storing small parts and can be used very flexibly. At we have, for example, glassware from BRKLE or the SICCO Mini Basic Desiccator for you.

Desiccator: Desiccant and accessories

In addition to our desiccators, we also carry a wide range of practical accessories of high quality. For example, you can purchase the following products at

  • Shelves and drawers for more storage space, e.g. from SICCO
  • Hygrometers and temperature sensors for humidity monitoring and temperature control, such as the DOSTMANN thermo-hygrometer .
  • Hoses, hose connections and hose connectors
  • Trays, jars or cylinders for the use of desiccants

Silica gel is classically used as a desiccant, other desiccants are calcium chloride, sulphuric acid or phosphorus pentoxide.

Desiccator from our experts will be happy to advise you!

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