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What is the purpose of a mist collector?

When machines are operated in an industrial or scientific environment, the use of lubricants or cooling lubricants as well as high machine speeds can produce harmful oil or aerosol mists . These not only harm your laboratory or production staff, they may also cause damage to equipment, buildings and other equipment.

The so-called mist separators are used to separate or filter the dangerous aerosol vapours in gaseous media. The lubricant is separated by means of air or gases and then collected again for further use.

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Mist separator: Function and design

The mode of operation of a mist separator can be classified according to the separation principle. In general, a distinction is made between four different modes of operation, which can also be combined in one device.

Gas scrubber

Gas scrubbers pass the aerosol mist to be cleaned through a scrubbing liquid. Particles and other harmful substances pass into the scrubbing liquid through the contact.

Filtering separator

This type of separator consists of a system of filters with different filtering effects connected in series, through which the mist is passed. Depending on the size of the particles or pollutants, they remain trapped in one of the filters. The lubricant drips off the filter surface and can be processed and reused.

Centrifugal separator

A centrifugal separator is mainly suitable for mists with larger particles. The aerosol particles are thrown out by a fast rotation and separated from the exhaust air.

Electrostatic precipitator

With electrostats, the aerosols are electrostatically charged and collected on oppositely charged collectors. The lubricant can then run down the plates and be collected.

How is the dangerous aerosol mist produced?

Dangerous aerosol mists are often encountered in fast-moving machinery. For example, lubricated internal combustion engines produce so-called blow-by gases, which have to be vented off, carrying oil or lubricants with them. Lubricated compressors also carry lubricants into the medium to be compressed.

In the laboratory environment, vacuum pumps are often used in which the tightness and pumping effect are increased by suitable lubricants. Here, too, the pumped volume of the medium is contaminated with lubricant. The resulting aerosol vapours are hazardous to health and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. The deposited lubricant film can also destroy machinery or even pose a fire hazard.

Types of mist separators

Depending on the variability of the hazardous substances to be extracted and the number of machines to be extracted, different separator models can be considered. These differ on the one hand in the mobility and performance of the systems, but may also have different operating principles.

Machine-mounted units

This type of mist collector can be mounted directly on the machine in question, which operates with cooling lubricants or other lubricants. The direct connection ensures that all aerosol vapours do not escape but are fed directly to the filter. The capacity of the separator can be selected to suit the size of the machine.

Mobile harvesters with extraction arm

Mobile harvesters are mounted on a trolley and can thus be easily transported to where they are needed. The extraction takes place via an extraction arm which is placed above the machine in question. Thus, this system can be flexibly combined with almost any machine. The distance between the machine and the extraction unit is, however, greater than with directly mounted mist extractors.

Hall extraction

The hall extraction system is used for the central cleaning of the room air and the removal of the cloud of mist that is often found there. The hall air is drawn in by a recirculation system and effectively cleaned of aerosol particles and pollutants. The filtered air can then be returned to the room air.

Central mist separator

Central mist separators are suitable for the parallel connection of several machines. Through a pipe system, these can be operated simultaneously and thus extracted at the same time. The separating effect can be selected to suit the size and number of machines to be extracted.

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At you can purchase high quality mist collectors from ESTA . The devices of the OILMAC series function according to the filter principle, are flexible and extract all oil and emulsion mist effectively and energy-saving.

ESTA OILMAC 800 / 800 FE

The OILMAC 800 or OILMAC 800 FE systems can clean up volumetric flows of up to 840 m/h. With a drive power of 0.55 kW and a weight of 80 kg, this is the most compact model in the series. For direct machine coupling, the unit has a connection with a diameter of 200 mm.

ESTA OILMAC 1600 / 1600 FE

The OILMAC 1600 or OILMAC 1600 FE systems can filter volumetric flows of up to 1700 m/h. With a drive power of 1.1 kW and a weight of 140 kg, this unit is the all-rounder and can be found in the mid-range grass segment. For direct machine coupling, the unit has a connection with a diameter of 250 mm.

ESTA OILMAC 3000 / 3000 FE

With adrive power of 2.2 kW anda weight of 220 kg , the large OILMAC 3000and OILMAC 3000 FE are the most powerful machines. They can purify volume flows of up to 3000 m/h. For direct machine coupling, the units have a connection with a diameter of 300 mm.

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All devices of the OILMAC series are highly effective and efficient. The multi-stage filter system ensures maximum filtration efficiency with a separation rate of 99.95%. Both the lubricant and the filtered air can be reused. The innovative housing allows filter change and maintenance to be carried out without tools. In addition to the standard version, models with metal mesh after-filter and models without fan (FE) are available.

When you purchase an OILMAC, you also have the following advantages:

  • Optimum separation effect
  • particularly energy- and resource-saving
  • easy to install
  • space-saving and compact design

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