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Dust extractor: Function and purpose

High-quality dust extraction systems and high-performance wet separators free the ambient air from dust particles, chips, fibres or flakes that may be produced during production processes in your company. These are sucked in directly at their source. The dust collectors from our online catalogue are of first-class quality, low-maintenance and very flexible and versatile.

We distinguish between different modes of operation for dust extractors:

  • Centrifugal or gravity separators ensure so-called mass force separation.
  • Rotary scrubbers ensure wet dust removal.
  • In filtration dust collection, the air is cleaned by means of special bag filters.
  • Electrostatic precipitation is carried out with the aid of highly complex plate electrostatic precipitators.

Which dust extractor for which application?

The innovative dust extraction systems that you will find on stand out due to their high functionality and outstanding performance portfolio. Whatever industrial sector you are looking for modern dust extraction solutions for, you will find it here.

Dust collectors for the wood industry

Dust extractors for the wood industry are available on in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Whether for carpenters or furniture manufacturers, our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right dust extractor for your company. This way you can be on the safe side when it comes to ensuring the professional collection and extraction of wood dust and chips.

Dust extraction systems for plastic processing companies

The manufacture and processing of plastic in its many forms produces extremely fine dust and odours that can have a lasting effect on the health of your employees. This is why innovative dust extraction systems are essential for small, medium-sized and large companies in this sector.

Dust extraction systems for the steel and metal industry

Fine metal dust, but also flying metal and steel particles are dangerous and can not only cause bodily injuries, but also serious other impairments. So choose your dust extraction solution wisely to best protect your workers.

Dust extraction solutions for construction sites

Find out everything you need to know about weatherproof and corrosion-resistant dust extraction solutions and extraction systems for construction sites. Whether sand or fine gravel dust, we have the ideal solution for your industry. Let our experts advise you individually.

Dust extraction solutions for the mining industry

Dust lung is feared because it can lead to serious illnesses, especially among employees in the mining industry. Therefore, you cannot do without powerful dust extraction and suction systems in underground mining and in other branches of this industry.

In which dust classes are dust extractors available?

Dust extractors are available in three dust classes: L, M and class H. Since time immemorial, vacuum systems have been assigned to special dust classes, which in turn are subject to precise standardisation. Dust extraction systems in dust class L are ideal for renovating and extending houses and on private, non-commercial building sites. Class M dust collectors are recommended for working with wood and metals, whereas dust class H is used for all hazardous dust and particles.

Specification table of dust extractors

Dust class For which materials? Products at
Dust class L Slightly hazardous dust such as house dust, lime, mica, sand and other harmless materials. There are no particularities to be considered with regard to disposal. ESTA Small dust extractor OM-8
Dust class M Medium-dangerous dust and particles such as paint particles, wood dust and various metal particles and dust. The disposal of the vacuumed dust and particles must be low-dust. Dust extractors of the ESTA DUSTOMAT-16 M, ESTA MOBEX P-24series,
dust class H Highly hazardous, harmful dust. These include asbestos, lead dust, mineral fibres or mould spores. Disposal must always be dust-free. ESTA MOBEX P-36 H

ESTA dust collector product lines at a glance

At, we carry only the best dust collection systems for virtually all industries. We especially recommend the dust extraction and dedusting solutions from ESTA. This manufacturer has been on the market for over 45 years and is the leading international specialist in extraction technology. Take a look at the wide range of products from ESTA on and let us show you tailor-made solutions for your company.

The ESTMAC D Series

The ESTMAC D series is the ideal and particularly inexpensive extraction system for general dry dust removal in your company. Due to the high functionality and the user-friendly handling, especially beginners are well advised to use the dust extractors of this product line.

The TK and OM product line

All dust extraction systems of this series are characterised by the fact that they are equipped with manually cleanable bag filters. This makes them ideal for use under processing machines or under workshops.

The DUSTOMAT series

The extraction units of this upmarket product line are extremely cost-effective compared to central extraction systems and are very compact in their design. Their lightness and high flexibility also speak for themselves. We recommend the DUSTOMAT series especially for frequently changing extraction points.

The MOBEX series

The compact dust extractors of the MOBEX series are stationary units designed for professional dust extraction. Among other features, they have an automatic filter cleaning system and are ideal for continuous operation.

The NA-K/ NA wet separators

The wet dust extractors from ESTA are ideal for extracting sticky dust or in case of flying sparks. The special feature of the separators in this product line is that filtration takes place through a water bath.

The ZA cyclone pre-separators

These stationary extraction units are used for the pre-separation of dry dust and free-flowing dirt and dust particles. Before commissioning, the filter unit must be installed to achieve the best cleaning results.

The plug & play FILTOWER-D hall ventilation system

The free-standing plug & play FILTOWER-D hall ventilation system is the perfect system for extracting a wide range of different types of rooms and is the optimum complement to direct extraction.


The DUSTOVAC high vacuum dust extractor is designed for mobile use. With it you can extract all kinds of dust and clean all hand-guided processing machines.

Different types of dust collectors

On you will find the right dust extraction solution for every application and every industry. No matter if mobile or stationary dust collectors – with us you have the choice.

Explosion-proof design

Let our team of specialists advise you in detail about modern extraction systems in explosion-proof design. We will show you for which companies the explosion-proof dust extraction systems are best suited.

Small dust extractors

When it comes to the targeted extraction of common types of dust, hand-held small dust extractors are ideal for you. Take your time and choose the handy extractors that will protect your employees in the best possible way during all work processes.

Mobile dust extractors

Mobile dust extra ctors are characterised by their special flexibility and adapt optimally to your process sequences in the company. Our specialists will be happy to show you which mobile dust extraction solutions are particularly recommended for your business.

Stationary dust extractors

Stationary dust extraction systems, such as the ZA cyclone pre-separator from ESTA, are used for the targeted pre-separation of dry and free-flowing dirt and dust particles. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can advise you individually in this regard.

Order dust collectors from – our experts will be happy to advise you!

At, you benefit from a first-class product portfolio and individual advice with regard to dust extractors. We are here for you at any time and are happy to help you both by telephone on 030 20 965 7900 and by email([email protected]).