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Table-top autoclave

Whether you need a vertical or horizontal benchtop autoclave, the MedSolut store offers a wide range of products. With the help of our experienced advisors, you can find the perfect device for the efficient sterilisation of your medical and laboratory equipment. Every laboratory autoclave in our portfolio is characterised by its high functionality and reliable operation.

Steam sterilisation is generally regarded as the most innovative process of all when it comes to sterilising textiles, rubber parts, instruments and surgical instruments. A small autoclave does not require the use of any chemicals or toxic substances. This is a decisive advantage not only for the environment, but also for the health of the user.

Use of table-top autoclaves

The term “autoclave” has its roots in ancient Greek and means something like self-sealing. Such a device is a pressure vessel that can be sealed gas-tight.Table-top autoclaves are used in particular inmedical technology, chemistry, biology and food technology to sterilise instruments or nutrient media under pressure in steam. In addition, the table-top autoclave is also indispensable in the following industries:

In the animal feed and food industries.

A table-top autoclave is indispensable in this industry for preserving products such as food trays, stews or soups without the need for additional cooling.

In histological diagnostics

Autoclaves are also used, depending on the model, for the preparation of histological sections or the refinement of amber.

In vulcanisation and soap production

The hydrolytic splitting of fats, for example in the production of soap, requires the use of functional autoclaves.

For steam-hardened building materials

Whether aerated concrete or sand-lime bricks, steam-extruded building materials have to be tempered in autoclaves under what is known as a saturated steam atmosphere at around 200 °C. The process is then carried out in the autoclave.

In the production of fibre composites

fibre-plastic composites are produced at a pressure of about 10 bar and a heat of about 400 C. The process is also used for the production of fibre-plastic composites. Autoclaves are also used in the production of laminated safety glass to bake the materials.

Benchtop autoclave: autoclaving process

There are different methods of autoclaving. We would be happy to show you the most important methods. If required, you can also obtain detailed advice on the tabletop autoclaves at We are always there for you.

Burning as a thermal process

Bacteria, germs and other pathogens are literally “dissolved” into smoke by the effect of heat. In this respect, incineration is probably the best-known and oldest variant.

Cooking with water

From a temperature of 100 C, containers can be preserved or sterilised. Baby bottles, nipples, but also cosmetic utensils are often placed in boiling water for about three minutes to sterilise them.

Steam disinfection

The steam disinfection process is used to disinfect contaminated objects, which can withstand temperatures of up to 105 C. It is important here that the air from the steam sterilisation process is not too hot. It is important here that the air is displaced from the respective object, as this is the only way to ensure complete germ elimination.

Small autoclaves in the range Manufacturer overview

At you will find tabletop autoclaves from selected brand manufacturers. If you are looking for a functional small autoclave, our online shop is the place to go. With regard to small or tabletop autoclaves, we carry the following manufacturers, among others:


CertoClav has been on the market since 1957 and produces first-class autoclaves for research, medicine and pharmacy. Of course, when you choose a tabletop autoclave from this renowned manufacturer, you benefit from the highest quality, reliability and functionality. We will be happy to introduce you to CertoClav’s comprehensive range and show you the model that best suits your company.


Whether vertical or horizontal autoclaves, the Tuttnauer company has been known for over 90 years for its excellent product quality with regard to the development and manufacture of sterilisers. To this day, the company has established itself nationally and internationally as one of the leading suppliers of infection control solutions and sterilisation equipment. On you will find a large selection of innovative Tuttnauer devices.

SHP Sterile Technology

For many years, SHP Steriltechnik AG has been a guarantor of outstanding value when it comes to steam sterilisation equipment. It is worthwhile to trust the professional and order functional autoclaves from this renowned manufacturer directly on


Systec GmbH was founded in 1994 and since then the company has been manufacturing high-quality steam sterilisers and autoclaves. These are primarily designed for the laboratory sector, for media preparation and for the treatment of microbiological nutrient media. The product range is extensive and on you will find exactly the autoclaves that are best suited to your institute or company.

Select a benchtop autoclave Equipment and features

To ensure that your table-top autoclave is optimally suited to the requirements of your company or institute, you should take a look at the various equipment options in advance. Find out more about the functionality and price of a table-top autoclave tailored to your industry during an individual consultation with our team. You will find equipment with the following features in the portfolio:

External interface

An external interface adds value to tabletop autoclaves, as various media can be connected to the device quickly and easily. This makes it easier to transfer data, for example. Depending on which model you choose, you will benefit from a more comprehensive portfolio of functions and the higher efficiency that comes with it. Do not hesitate and let us advise you!

Programming function

Since several employees usually use a bench-top autoclave in everyday laboratory work, the availability of user-definable programmes makes work much easier. In addition, you benefit from better transparency and more clarity in your projects.

Automatic lid lock

Automatic lid locking is a popular feature that can speed up the set-up of a steriliser and make the process even easier. This feature saves you one step and eliminates the need to touch the sometimes hot device.

Microprocessor control with LCD display

Simplify sterilisation procedures by choosing a steriliser with included microprocessor control and LCD display. This means that only a few touches are needed to activate the desired function.

Accessories for tabletop autoclaves

Order first-class table-top autoclaves and the matching accessories in high quality. At you will find the following accessories, among others:

Charging baskets and buckets

Whether made of stainless steel or high-quality chrome offers you high-quality buckets and charging baskets in different sizes and designs to match your tabletop autoclave. This makes the sterilisation equipment even easier and more efficient to use.

Swivel arm

If a practical lifting device with a swivel arm is available, you will benefit from even easier loading. The removal of sterilisation trays is also much easier with such an accessory. Lifting and lowering is simply done at the touch of a button, thanks to the movable control panel.

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