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Ultrasound-assisted sample preparation of microplates with the UIP400MTP

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2021-05-01 14:02:00 / Products
Ultrasound-assisted sample preparation of microplates with the UIP400MTP - Ultrasound-assisted sample preparation of microplates with the UIP400MTP | Blog | MedSolut

Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for numerous applications in sample preparation. The ultrasonic homogenizer with a sonotrode – often referred to as an ultrasonic rod – is the typical device used for cell lysis, solubilization, protein extraction, shearing of DNA, and for the preparation of a homogeneous sample solution. However, the ultrasonic wand is less suitable for sonication of microtiter plates because the ultrasonic tip would have to be immersed in each individual well of the microtiter plates. Today we present you the work with the UIP400MTP from Hielscher.

Microplates: Their versatile fields of application

Microtiter plates are used for a wide variety of biological or microbiological work processes in biology, medicine and the biotech industry. Cell cultures are often grown in microtiter plates. The advantage of microplates is the large number of wells: microplates are available with 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 and 3456 wells. This makes it possible to grow larger sample volumes or a large number of samples with microtiter plates.

With the UIP400MTP, Hielscher Ultrasonics offers a 400 watt powerful ultrasound processor that reliably and quickly processes biological samples in microtiter plates with precisely adjustable ultrasound intensity.The UIP400MTP enables simultaneous and uniform sonication of all wells, allowing already established ultrasound sample preparation processes to be easily scaled up to high throughputs.

With the UIP400MTP, you set innovative standards in your daily work routine

The digital touch display as well as the browser remote control allow the operation of the ultrasonic processor UIP400MTP under precisely adjustable ultrasonic conditions. All ultrasound runs are automatically recorded and stored on an integrated SD cardso that the individual sample processing settings can be checked at any time and compared with the results obtained.

The UIP400MTP’s sophisticated software and temperature control allow the sample temperature to be accurately set and monitored during the sonication process. An integrated heat exchanger with recirculation pump allows the samples to be cooled or tempered during sonication. For this purpose, the UIP400MTP can simply be connected to a laboratory cooler so that a cooling medium, e.g. water, permanently cools the samples and thus prevents thermal decomposition of the biological material. The UIP400MTP is equipped with an inlet and outlet for the cooling medium. The PT100 temperature sensor, which can be connected to the ultrasound generator via a plug, can be immersed in one of the samples in the microtiter plate and permanently measures the temperature during sonication.

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Your sample preparation – simply solved with the UIP400MTP

Common applications of the UIP400MTP include the following microbiological sample preparation tasks:

  • Homogenization and mixing of samples:Ultrasound achieves homogeneous mixing of samples independent of surface tension as well as the walls of the microtiter plate.
  • Lysis / cell disruption:With the UIP400MtP you can achieve rapid and reliable disruption of mammalian and bacterial cells. Since ultrasound-assisted lysis is based solely on mechanical forces, all media and buffer solutions are suitable. The ultrasound intensity can be precisely adjusted to the respective cell type, extract and desired effects.
  • DNA shearing:Using ultrasound, DNA can be effectively fragmented to the targeted DNA length. The efficient cooling capability of the UIP400MTP prevents thermal decomposition of heat-labile DNA.
  • Extraction:The UIP400MTP reliably disrupts cell material so that intracellular substances (e.g. proteins, bioactive substances) are completely released. Since ultrasound is compatible with the buffer solution, very pure homogenates can be produced.
  • Dissolving substances for screening processes:Samples whose components have separated or settled in phases can be resuspended quickly and reliably using ultrasound.

Flexible working thanks to maximum compatibility

The UIP400MTP is compatible with numerous – though not all – commercially available microplates  (with 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 or 1536 wells). The plates should preferably be un-skirted or semi-skirted. Alternatively, microplates with holes on the surface (e.g., Eppendorf twin.tec) have also proven effective. If you are in doubt whether your microplate is suitable for use with the UIP400MTP, please send us the model name of the plate and a photo so that we can advise you on this.

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