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Treating sufferers effectively: Covid-19 drug development update.

| von Julia

Vaccines against the Covid 19 virus have recently been launched on the market within a very short time. As surprisingly fast as their development came about, it takes a long time in comparison to conceptualize an effective drug for the treatment of corona disease. Dedicated researchers are working diligently to respond to the growing pressure from the government and finally deliver the first solutions. Indeed, there appears to be a light at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel.

Covid-19: The course of the disease in severe cases

A severe course is indicated mainly by the severe impairment of the respiratory tract. As a consequence, pneumonia or pneumonia may occur. Shortness of breath and even a lack of oxygen in the blood are the result. In the case of pneumonia, fluid collects in the lungs. As a result, the blood is only moderately supplied with vital oxygen. In addition, often even the kidneys, the nervous system and the heart are affected. Therapeutic measures include the following:

  • Oxygen delivery with the help of respirators
  • Antibiotic administration to prevent bacterial and other infections.
  • Medication to support the circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory

More than 4,500 active studies investigating Covid active ingredients

To target severe disease progression of pulmonary infection caused by Covid-19, targeted medication is needed to alleviate symptoms. Currently, more than 4,500 scientific studies are underway, examining over 400 different active ingredients. Some of these are already approved, such as synthetically produced antivirally active monoclonal antibodies. Among other things, these are intended to prevent the Covid 19 virus from docking with the body’s cells.

The blood of individuals who have successfully survived a Covid 19 infection and accordingly developed immunity to the virus shows antibodies to the pathogen. The keyword is “convalescent plasma”: this blood plasma, or antibodies selected from it, from patients who are immune to Corona is administered to people who are seriously ill. In this way, the virus can be neutralized in their organism and the immune system can be supported with a view to fighting the infection.

Are there already first effective drugs against Corona?

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research plans to invest around 50 million euros in drug research. According to renowned scientists, there will be different types of drugs in the future. For example:

  • Targeted medications administered according to the intensity of the disease
  • anti-inflammatory substances, which are given according to the respective stage of the disease.
  • Antibody preparations for strengthening the immune system

Note: A “magic cure” or universally effective product against Covid-19 will probably never exist, according to the Ministry of Research.

Covid-19: Relieve severe disease progression – improve chances of cure

One of the most important goals in the fight against lung disease is to establish a compound that will mitigate more severe covid-19 courses. In this regard, the active ingredient budesonide is moving into the focus of scientists. It is a component of a so-called cortisone spray that can be inhaled like an asthma medication. The soothing effect occurs quickly, so that the treated patient is spared unnecessary further stress.

Drug research: progress in the USA, delays in Europe

Agents with anti-inflammatory properties, such as dexamethasone, are particularly relevant for those patients who are struggling with severe symptoms due to advanced disease progression. Thus, the consensus is that the dexamethasone should dampen an exaggerated immune system response. An aspect that is particularly frequently noted in the further course of a covid infection.

In the context of drug discovery, terms such as Imdevimab and Casirivimab are increasingly coming up. These are specific-acting antibody preparations designed to significantly reduce the risk of symptomatic covid-19 disease. In the USA, the corresponding research is in full swing. The combination of active ingredients is already approved in many U.S. states as a so-called emergency medication. In Europe, however, investigations in this area are proceeding at a decidedly slow pace.

Covid-19: active ingredients on the test bench

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is taking a long time to explicitly look at all the details of the active ingredients casirivimab and imdevimab. In contrast, antibody drugs such as REGN-COV2 or bamlanivimab have already been in use in this country for several months. However, they are only used under certain conditions. Meaningful conclusive results are still not fully available.

Prevention is the best approach

Instead of painstakingly treating the sometimes extremely severe courses of covid-19 infectious disease, researchers want to try to prevent infection with the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. This is to be achieved not only through targeted vaccination, but also through individual strengthening of the immune system: rest and sleep as well as a balanced diet contribute significantly to supporting the immune system. This can significantly mitigate any illnesses with the dreaded virus. Possible subsequent complaints are therefore either absent or less severe.

Let’s hope that Europe-wide bureaucracy will not continue to contribute to delaying the remarkable findings of science and research. In view of the still extremely volatile situation worldwide, urgent action is required.

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