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Biosan thermal shaker in comparison

Thermal Shakers from BioSan – For precision in everyday laboratory work

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Thermal shakers are designed for a wide range of laboratory applications. Whether working with blood samples, DNA or RNA samples, or with active pharmaceutical ingredients, BioSan shakers are suitable for mixing, cooling, and even heating. Even samples with the smallest volumes can be reliably and professionally mixed and brought to temperature with a user-friendly BioSan shaker in microtiter plates and reaction vessels.

The risk of possible cross-contamination with other substances or materials is thereby excluded. Thermal shakers from BioSan are essential in everyday laboratory work and are excellently suited for meeting a wide range of challenges. Whether it is sample preparation for PCR analysis or enzymatic reactions – precision and reliability are the focus of modern thermal shakers.

BioSan shakers – versatile all-rounders with precision

In everyday laboratory work, it is usually necessary to achieve precise results in the millimeter range. With a BioSan shaker, this is exactly what is possible. Thanks to the excellently thought-out combination of high speed and large shaking stroke, you can benefit from optimum mixing results. The fact that simultaneous temperature control is possible during the respective mixing process also speaks for itself. But that’s not all. Even reaction times can be shortened with a BioSan shaker through the professional combination of temperature control and blending. This saves valuable time and money in everyday laboratory work.

BioSan shakers offerthe right technology for every need. Do you primarily want to mix with your thermal shaker? Or do your projects focus equally on mixing and heating or blending and cooling? Perhaps you need professional technologies for simultaneous mixing, heating and cooling. Shakers from BioSan also offer efficient solutions for this. MedSolut’s friendly team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about thermal shakers and the associated possibilities and areas of application. Contact us if you would like individual professional advice. We are always there for you and your team.

Complete daily lab tasks quickly and efficiently

Powerful thermal shakers are equipped with the latest microprocessor technology. BioSan offers complete functional solutions for laboratories, enabling you to cover a wide range of work areas in a professional manner.

Whether tabletop units or stackable models, horizontal or double-deck units – you will find the perfect solution for every need and every requirement at Thermal shakers are indispensable when carrying out medical examinations, in wastewater and environmental analysis, in diagnostics in general as well as in hematology, virology, microbiology and bacteriology.

A distinction is made between laboratory shakers with a thermal function with regard to their areas of application and, in particular, their shaking methods. For example, there is the method of rolling, rocking, circling, vibrating or tumbling. Moreover, modern thermal shakers shine with their numerous functions and setting variants.

The main functions of professional thermal shakers

  • for mixing liquids of different densities
  • for the preparation of emulsions and suspensions and for their homogenization
  • for elution and extraction processes
  • for the cultivation of microorganisms or cell cultures
  • for dissolving nutrients from substrates
  • for the suppression of sedimentation
  • for individual requirements in everyday laboratory work

Incubation shakers with an included thermo function play an important role in everyday laboratory work when it comes to ensuring a constant atmospherefor certain substances, also in the course of the respective shaking process. Circular shakers and orbital shakers are ideal for general applications, such as the study of biochemical processes. Reagent shakers guarantee the best mixing ratios with their circular-vibrating rotations.

Even when solid particles are contained in the material. Wobble and rocking shakers can be set to different oscillation, rotation, rocking and wobbling frequencies. The high load capacity, even at higher temperatures, also makes devices of this type indispensable in everyday laboratory work.

Tip from the MedSolut team

Select your thermal shaker so that it allows you to work with different flasks, attachments and other accessories. The workload in your laboratory or company certainly plays a central role here. A look at the setting variants and the additional features available also makes it easier to find the optimum thermal shaker. Also make sure that the preset temperature corresponds exactly to the temperature prevailing in the incubator.

If – for whatever reason – deviations from the setpoint occur, the implemented thermal technology should compensate for them immediately. Do you need thermal shakers for unusual temperature ranges as well? Talk to us or email us at [email protected] We will help you further.

The best thermal shakers from BioSan – TS-100, TS-100C and TS-100C Smart

The manufacturer BioSan is known for its excellent product and service portfolio. The TS-100, TS-100C and TS-100C Smartthermoshakers are particularly worthy of mention here. In the following, we will show you the special advantages of BioSan shakers.

The BioSan shaker TS-100

With the BioSan TS-100 shaker, intensive mixing as well as temperature control for very small samples can be accomplished with ease. Whether it’s samples in PCR plates or micro test tubes, precision and reliability are paramount with this shaker. In addition, mixing and heating are possible both simultaneously and independently. The TS-100 combines three apparatuses in itself:

  • a dry-block thermostat,
  • a classic shaker
  • and a thermal shaker.

You can use the TS-100 very well for the extraction of lipids, polysaccharides and proteins. The instrument also proves to be a valuable aid for DNA analyses and sample preparation. Last but not least, the TS-100 is excellent for extracting metabolitesfrom cellular material or performing biochemical studies related to enzymatic reactions and processes.

Among the special advantages of the TS-100 thermal shakerwith included 12-volt heating plate are the rapid achievement of specific mixing speeds and the continuous maintenance of previously set temperature ranges – thanks to the innovative temperature calibration function. Solid maintenance of the rotation amplitude is also ensured in any case with this thermal shaker. Time values as well as temperature and speed values are clearly displayed on a clear LCD display.

Easy handling, reliable results

The compact size and the extremely low noise level during commissioning also speak in favor of the TS-100. Thanks to the high-quality, particularly robust material composition and processing, a long service life is guaranteed. The temperature setting range is 25 to 100 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature control range is 5 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature of +100 degrees Celsius. You can calibrate the device to ±6 percent of the respective desired temperature. In this way, possible differences in the thermal behavior of containers from different manufacturers can be well compensated.

Biosan shaker TS -100 and TS-100C

© Biosan 2021

The BioSan TS-100C shaker

Just like BioSan’s TS-100 thermal shaker, the compact TS-100C model is ideal for intensive mixing as well as temperature control for samples in PCR plates and microtubes. However, this instrument differs from the TS-100 in that samples of various types can be cooled down to a temperature as low as +4 degrees Celsius.

High user friendliness – best quality

Rapid achievement of desired mixing speeds is guaranteed with the TS-100C, as is the maintenance of preset rotation amplitudes throughout the block. Five cooling and heating blocksare included in the product portfolio. A thermoblock with plastic flap for the PCR plates is also included. Of course, all blocks are interchangeable with each other. The installation of a single block is possible with just a few simple steps.

Consistently convincing – the TS-100C

What the TS-100 can do, the TS-100C can do as well: All relevant values can be read at a glance on the clearly designed LCD display, such as the speed and time values as well as the operating temperature, etc. The integrated microprocessor is extremely powerful and controls the mixing speed as well as the operating time and temperature. The integrated microprocessor is extremely powerful and controls the operating time as well as the mixing speed and temperature. You can also expect an operating time of up to 168 hours without interruption from the TS-100C.

The BioSan TS-100C shaker is ideal for genetic analyses, biochemical studies and the extraction of metabolites from cell material. The setting accuracy is specified by the manufacturer as 0.1 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the availabletemperature calibration function, it is possible to preset the thermal shaker to ±6 percent of the selected temperature. In this way, a good compensation of possible differences in the thermal behavior of tubes is ensured.

The BioSan shaker TS-100C Smart

The BioSan TS-100C Smart shaker is rightly named. Because the functions are indeed extremely “smart” – and very well thought out. The basic features are comparable to those of the TS-100 and TS-100 C. Precision and reliability in intensive mixing and with regard to temperature control for samples in micro test tubes and PCR plates are guaranteed in every case. Manual control via the clearly structured user interface makes everyday life in the laboratory much easier.

Likewise, you can use the computer program with Bluetooth connection if you value efficient usability. The TS-100C Smart thermal shaker is the perfect companion when extracting metabolites from cellular materialor performing biochemical studies of enzymatic processes and reactions. This instrument is also excellent for the extraction of RNA, DNA and other sample preparation procedures.

Creating profiling programs is a breeze with the TS-100C Smart. You can connect up to 7 devices to one computer, depending on your needs. A wireless connection to the PC is possible. Facilitate laboratory work by using the remote control functionof temperature, sound signal, time and speed. If required, this TS-100C Smart also gives you the option of visualizing diagrams and displaying speeds or temperatures over time, for example.In addition, data export to Excel and CSV formats is easily possible, and fault diagnostics can also be performed with the smart thermal shaker in no time at all.

Biosan Shaker TS-100C Smart

© BioSan 2021

Device differences at a glance:

  • Compared to the TS-100, the other two instruments offer the ability to cool samples down to +4 degrees Celsius.
  • Unlike the TS-100 and TS-100C, the TS-100C Smart thermal shaker offers the option to connect to up to 7 computers. This makes mixing and temperature control processes, as well as monitoring and analysis processes, even easier.
  • The temperature setting range for the TS-100 is 25 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, and for the TS-100C it is 4 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, the same as for the TS-100C Smart.
  • The TS-100C and TS-100C Smart thermal shakers are used manually, while the Smart variant can also be PC-controlled. The required computer system for this is: Intel/AMD Processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, USB and Bluetooth.

Want to learn more about BioSan shakers on Call us or send us an email. Our friendly competence team is always there for you.

Facts worth knowing about the BioSan company

The product, service and performance portfolio of the renowned manufacturer BioSan is extremely comprehensive. Laboratory equipment such as shakers, magnetic stirrers, centrifuges and agitators are among the significant developments, as are washers and extractors, liquid feeders, temperature-controlled water baths, water purifiers and thermal shakers. The quality of the equipment and accessories is excellent. For example, companies in the fields of molecular diagnostics, immunodiagnostics, etc. have relied on BioSan’s technological support for many years.

Vasily Bankovsky, who holds a PhD in molecular biology, and his wife, Svetlana Bankovska, founded the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences in the heart of Latvia some 30 years ago. When it comes to proteonics, genomics, bioprocessing and cell research, the company has always had a lot to offer. Quality, user orientation, professionalism, functionality and precision have the highest priority at BioSan.

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