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Swiss top virologist relies on BINDER Freezer

Swiss top virologist relies on BINDER Freezer

| von Julia

After Prof. Dr. Volker Thiel was able to produce the first synthetic clone of a coronavirus at the end of March, the virologist became world famous. The professor has been working on corona viruses for many years, researching their effects and risks. In his laboratory in Mittelhäusern, he relies on optimal and above all safe laboratory equipment.

Safety and optimal storage are essential

Since March, Professor Thiel and his team have been researching real corona viruses almost continuously in a high-security laboratory and have been working together with pharmaceutical companies on the development of a vaccine.

“We manufacture mucous membranes, infect them with the virus and try to find out at what temperatures these viruses multiply,” says Thiel. Safety and ideal storage play the most important role here. The virologist has long relied on the equipment and freezers from the world market leader BINDER, which provide exactly the right storage conditions for the viruses at – 80 °C.

Doubts about the vaccine before 2021

Despite the fact that he and his team are making good progress in research, the professor doubts the availability of a vaccine that can be distributed to the general population without risk before 2021. Nevertheless, like many of his virologist colleagues, he is in favor of vaccination. He would also be vaccinated, because “without the vaccine, nothing will change in the current situation.

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