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Discover the VAS-10 liquid aspiration system from Phoenix Instrument

| von Julia

Extraction systems are mainly used in laboratories in biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy or chemistry for various, mostly everyday activities. In our new product presentation today, we would like to introduce you in more detail to the VAS-10 liquid aspiration system from Phoenix Instrument with its wide range of functions. Convince yourself …

Suction systems – Reliable aids for routine suction processes

Vacuum safety extraction systems are compact and can be used extremely flexibly in the workplace. For example, they are used in laboratories of universities and technical colleges as well as in special, research and routine laboratories. Among other things, they are used for precise aspiration of excess liquids from glass tubes, cell culture flasks and Petri dishes or for exchanging samples and nutrient solutions. The operations are supported by the use of a robust vacuum pump.

Thanks to the compact and lightweight design, the liquid extraction systems from our range, especially the Phoenix Instrument extraction systems, are particularly easy to transport and are therefore ideally suited for flexible use by multiple users. They can be easily disassembled and reassembled and supplemented with additional spare parts and accessories. Robust, chemical-resistant materialsgive our extraction systems a high level of resistance and durability.

The VAS-10 from Phoenix Instrument – Functions and accessories

With the help of the VAS-10, you can aspirate liquids from a wide variety of vessels and recesses. The system comes with an autoclavable 4-liter suction bottle, which can be easily and safely separated from the system by means of practical quick-release fasteners. Thanks to a built-in level monitor, the bottle is prevented from overflowing. In addition, you have the possibility to individually set and regulate the maximum negative pressure of 600 mbar, so you can easily adapt the device for any type of application in your laboratory.

Furthermore, you can supplement the VAS-10 with useful accessories. These include, for example, aspiration adapters with pipette tips, safety bottle stands, adapters for Pasteur pipettes, additional spare bottles, aspiration rakes, safety filters, various bottle lids with quick-release couplings, and manifolds for connecting several sampling points in the laboratory. Diaphragm vacuum pumps can also be conveniently upgraded with new pumps of various pumping speeds. Simply ask our expert service team for advice.

Video: Product presentation of the liquid aspiration system VAS-10 from Phoenix Instrument

About Phoenix Instrument

Phoenix Instrument GmbH was founded in 2010 by Christian Lieske and Marco Riemer. Altogether, the team can look back on more than 50 years of professional experience in the distribution of laboratory measuring instruments. In recent years, the manufacturer has made it its business to offer devices of the best brand quality from numerous areas for everyday and routine use in the laboratory at a favorable price and with good service. MedSolut AG supports the Phoenix Instrument team as a specialist laboratory trade partner. This makes the path of procuring new laboratory equipment even easier for you.

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