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Discover the new Nabertherm controllers: Series 500

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2022-04-14 09:58:00 / Products Manufacturers
Discover the new Nabertherm controllers: Series 500 - Nabertherm Controller Series 500 | Product News & Comparison | MedSolut

With the 500 series, German laboratory furnace manufacturer Nabertherm is launching a new controller that can be used to control and document this manufacturer’s furnaces. In addition to the simple operation via a graphic touch panel and the control option via app, the diverse documentation options are also innovative.

We have summarized here the advantages of the Controller Series 500, which variants are available and why the purchase of a Nabertherm product is worthwhile.

The smart solution for your production

With the 500 Series, the manufacturer is launching a new controller system in its extensive range that impresses with intuitive operation and extensive performance – analog knobs and rotary switches are a thing of the past, making everyday work in production much easier. The new controller is manufactured in Germany and enables intuitive as well as practical oven operation. This can be useful in many areas:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Pharma
  • Thermoprocessing
  • Dentist Laboratories
  • Foundry and art production
  • General process control and documentation

The Nabertherm Controller Series 500 is also compatible with the MyNabertherm app. So not only do you keep an overview in any situation and can call up data in real time on your smartphone, but you also keep an eye on multiple controllers. In addition, there is direct access to other services of the manufacturer. This means that everything is available from a single source – which in turn contributes to a smooth control and documentation process for your laboratory furnaces.

Faster, more precise, more intuitive – all the advantages of the Controller Series 500

The 500 Series combines proven functions and features with a new generation of technical highlights. In particular, the following advantages stand out:

  • Touchscreen with intuitive operation: The clear display, both graphically and in plain text, is done with the help of a state-of-the-art touchscreen. It is combined with an attractive design and consistent construction.
  • Accurate temperature control: Easy-to-understand icons and a wide range of functions make temperature control more accurate and precise than ever before.
  • Program setting and control made easy: The 500 series also impresses with parameterizable processes that can be adapted to your individual production needs. The control is clear and transparent. For example, temperature curves for the individual programs can be evaluated graphically or programs can be stored in categories or saved as favorites.
  • Different user levels: For setting up graduated access authorizations, these controllers are equipped with different user levels.
  • Current status tracking: Check which section the program is currently in at any time with the program status display. This information is made visible via a plain text display on the touchscreen.
  • End time and date displays: Speaking of status tracking: The end time and expected date can also be tracked with the program status display. This simplifies the coordination and planning of processes.
  • Interfaces: The most important functions of a controller naturally include the documentation of process curves and the readout of service information. Both are done via a convenient USB interface. In addition, the 500 Series Controller is WLAN-enabled, allowing connection with the MyNabertherm app, which is equipped free of charge for mobile devices with IOS and Android operating systems.
  • Individual language settings: Choose from 24 operating languages to provide your employees with ideal operation and communication.
  • Segment display: All process information is displayed with setpoint, actual value and switched functions in a detailed overview. In addition, there is a colored display of the temperature curve.
  • Extensive tips in the help menu: The integrated help function explains in plain text what the individual commands mean and what information is important in each case. This can significantly reduce the enrollment burden.

The new controllers at a glance

Not all Series 500 are the same – the manufacturer is launching three model variants on the market, which differ from each other in terms of programs and functions. This makes it possible to find exactly the right controller for your individual application purposes.

Basic Controller B500 / B510

The basic controllers B500 and B510 allow the selection of five programs with up to four steps, which can be easily set via the high-quality touch panel. In addition, this model series offers up to two switchable functions, a calibration option with ten interpolation points and a USB interface. In addition, there is a real-time clock and language switching to one of 24 options.

Comfort Controller C540 / C550

The Nabertherm Comfort Controllers C540 and C550 go somewhat beyond these basic functions, making them suitable for larger operations or more extensive control requirements, for example. The controllers allow up to ten programs and 20 steps.

Professional Controller P570 / P580

Third in line are the Professional Controllers P570 and P580, which – as the name suggests – have been designed for complex industrial applications. They allow up to 50 programs and 40 steps. In addition, a maximum of six switchable functions and up to three zones (including batch controller and cooling controller) are possible. The heater control element can also switch continuously.

Basic, Comfort, Professional – a comparison of all technical details

In a direct comparison of the three versions Basic Controller (B500 / B510), Comfort Controller (C540 / C550) and Professional Controller (P570 / P580) from Nabertherm, the following technical differences and similarities can be clearly illustrated:

  Feature Basic Controller Comfort Controller Professional Controller
Number of programs 5 10 50
Number of steps 4 20 40
Switchable functions 2 2 6
Zones 1 1 3 (with batch and cooling controller)
Language settings 24 24 24
Touch panel Yes Yes Yes
USB interface Yes Yes Yes
NTLog Yes Yes Yes

Nabertherm GmbH: Firing Furnaces, Automation Technology and Co. from Germany

Nabertherm GmbH was founded in 1947 and is located in Lilienthal, Lower Saxony. For 75 years, the company has been one of the leading manufacturers in the field of development and production of industrial furnaces and kilns. The commitment, the special Nabertherm service, the great know-how and the passion for the products are named as the basis of the company's success.

More than 150,000 customers worldwide prove Nabertherm right - the then small family business now employs 530 people. The furnaces are standardized in quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are manufactured "Made in Germany".

Find the right Nabertherm controller at MedSolut

We would like to thank the company Nabertherm for the great cooperation!

Are you interested in a Nabertherm 500 Series Controller or do you need further information? Then simply take advantage of our professional consulting services - our service team at MedSolut will be happy to help you in all matters. Please contact us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or send us an email at

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