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Digital vaccination certificate: Special times require special measures

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The classic vaccination card is a pastel yellow piece of paper that provides information about the personal vaccination status of the passport holder. For many people, the document literally collects dust in the far corner of drawers or closet compartments. Everything is set to change with the digital vaccination certificate. But what is the virtual appearance all about and what is its significance? Questions upon questions – and here are the answers.

What the digital vaccination certificate can actually do

Specific information on individual vaccination protection can be stored in encrypted form on the smartphone using the digital vaccination passport. The corresponding data can then be retrieved as needed by physicians and hospital staff. In addition, it should be possible for tour operators, airlines, and other businesses in a wide variety of industries to view information about the cardholder’s vaccination status.

Whenever a valid Corona vaccination is required, it should be possible to use the digital vaccination certificate. Overall, there are three fundamental aspects that distinguish the digital ID card from the conventional vaccination certificate:

  • The virtual variant isdescribed as user-friendly.
  • It is already considered data- and forgery-proof.
  • Information on the passport holder’s personal vaccination status can be easily retrieved and directly processed.
  • The aim is to use digital technology to fight the Covid 19 virus more effectively and to create a more
  • better monitoring of the overall situationcan be ensured.

Digital vaccination certificate: Vaccination protection vs. data protection

By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the digital vaccination passport is scheduled to be introduced. However, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) has announced that the vaccination app will be launched in summer 2021. The current assumption is that the launch date will be July 1, 2021. Opponents of vaccination feel a certain amount of pressure from the government in view of the current plans. In this context, the term “data breach” comes up again and again. However, politicians want to counteract this by stating that the digital vaccination certificate is voluntary and merely represents a supplementary offer.

All in all, it is virtually impossible to make the digital vaccination certificate mandatory, since not every citizen – whether vaccinated or not – has his or her own smartphone. In addition, it is also very conceivable that a cell phone could get lost. The required data on vaccination status would therefore not be available per se in every case with absolute certainty.

The goal of the EU and its member states is to reopen the possibility of travel across the continent through the development and establishment of digital vaccination passports. The basic information, which is stored in encrypted form in the app,relates, among other things,to whether the passport holder has actually received a vaccination against the Covid 19 virus. In addition, it should be possible to call up how long ago the vaccination took place and which vaccine was used at the time.


In all likelihood, the tried and tested “yellow vaccination booklet” will not be a thing of the past in the future either. Although the digital variant is to come more and more into focus. In fact, the paper document should continue to be used as the main proof of vaccination. However, parallel to its new digital relative.

Digital vaccination certificate: procedure and application

In the future, it will be possible to issue vaccination certificates in the form of digital certificates in doctors’ offices, hospitals and vaccination centers. After the vaccination process, vaccinated persons receive the corresponding confirmation as a QR code. This can be printed out on site and then scanned or read with a smartphone. The corresponding app – roughly comparable to the Corona warning app – is still in the development phase and is to be permanently free of charge.

QR code note

The QR code generated after the vaccination process can only be scanned once and only on a single smartphone. However, how the procedure will work if a cell phone is lost is not yet completely clear.

To fully comply with data protection, the vaccination certificates will not be stored on central servers, for example, but only on the smartphone of the passport holder. All personal data relating to vaccination, which is initially generated at the vaccination centers or doctors’ offices, is to be deleted in full after a specified period.


According to the Federal Health Office, it should be permitted to store the vaccination data of children or partners of vaccinated persons on one and the same cell phone.

Planning for the digital vaccination card is in full swing. Nevertheless, experts already agree that this version is merely a transitional solution.From 2022 at the latest, the vaccination certificate will be an essential component of the electronic patient record (ePA). This is an essential building block of healthcare to retrieve relevant patient data as needed.

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