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Counteracting viruses with new robot technologies

Counteracting viruses with new robot technologies

| von Julia

Robots have the potential to help us humans fight Covid-19, for example in the disinfection of medical facilities. This was recently proven by a new disinfection robot from Denmark.

The disinfection robot UVD from the Danish manufacturer Blue Ocean Robotics is on the advance worldwide. Already in over 40 countries the device is actively used. According to the manufacturer, many of the devices are in use in Wuhan, China. Here you support the hospital personnel for example with the cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

Electrical disinfection robots

Using ultraviolet light, the UVD robot irradiates surfaces to kill pathogens. The more intensive and longer it irradiates the respective area, the more effective the result. As a result, up to 99 percent of all viruses can be eliminated. In addition, the disinfection robot works autonomously. This ensures a high safety factor, because as soon as a person is in the room, the UV-C light is switched off immediately.

Robots as medical auxiliary personnel now form their own service robot market, which offers great growth potential. It is therefore not surprising that other manufacturers, such as Siemens, are jumping on this bandwagon and developing their own robots.

According to the manufacturer, the Siemens robot can disinfect an area of up to 36,000 square meters within an hour. Using a 360-degree camera, the device takes pictures of the room and can then be controlled accordingly by the user. Human contact is eliminated – and with it the risk of infection.

Since medical personnel are reaching their limits in many places during the pandemic, robots like this could be a qualified support.

Service robots as multifunctional assistants

But the help of robots is also gaining ground in other areas of medical or laboratory work. Companies from Munich and Aalborg, for example, are dedicating themselves to the development of so-called service robots.

Until now, many of these smart helpers have been used in hotels as minibar or room service. This is set to change in the future. Because the demand for robots as support in the laboratory is increasing. They can be used, for example, to sort, order or store blood samples. In addition, some models already have the function of cooling the contents as required or transporting them very carefully.

There is no question that the topic of laboratory robots has potential. We are curious to see how this topic will develop in the future and which robot will lead the race in terms of employee support and corona control.

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